I don’t think that’s a scheming face… I think he’s actually smiling, maybe

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I was doing my daily browse of manga and I stumbled upon this precious gem; Hinomaru Zumou by Kawada.

It’s a sports manga obviously but this time, it’s about sumo wrestling high school kids. The art is really nice. The action is awesome. The character designs, well you can see for yourself in the image above. Unfortunately, it’s a new one so there’s not much chapter yet.

Ushio Hinomaru, the protagonist, is too small and short to be considered as a pro sumo wrestler but he doesn’t let that stop him pursue his dream of becoming one and that the whole point of him being out there pursuing his dream is to break that illusion that he is not capable of realizing his dream.

It’s a really great manga. I have no background knowledge of sumo wrestling nor any interest in the majority of sports manga out there but this one is interesting in its own regard. Besides, it’s not that usual to see a sumo wrestling manga, right?

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Diamond no Ace All Star Game (PV)
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Kanjani8- Itta Janai Ka || Part 1

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Kanjani8- Itta Janai Ka || part 3

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Making do PV de Clover foi totalmente sunshine! *_*

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ryuxeen replied to your photoset “Me reading football manga~”

Chihiro Oki <33 That girly throw. lol

Oh, you read it too?~ It was recommended to me so I gave it a chance. I was so shocked to see baseball XD I wonder if that’s why it was recommended lol

Yup, ^^, I randomly bought this English-translated manga in Kinokuniya when I saw it on a “new arrival manga” section. Raws were surprisingly hard to find!. But somehow I managed to find it up to vol 5.  ;D What do you think about this manga?

I’m a hugeeeeee sucker for sports manga/anime.  I literally live through it, I scream, I cheer, all that stuff, in other words sports series aremy guilty pleasure. hahahha~ 

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Hosoya Yoshimasa introduction!
(Note: He fumbles a bit with his introduction xD)

Hosoya Yoshimasa: Terra…Formars. Voicing as Hizamaru Akari, Hosoya Yoshimasa here. Everyone please watch this anime! Nice working with you!

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TV LIFE Premium 2014. Vol.11

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